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Sponsoring the 2014 Stuart Air Show

stuart-air-show-2010Padden Design Engineering is a proud sponsor of this year’s Stuart Air Show at Witham Field. We, along with many other companies, are happy to support this event which is a long tradition here in Martin County. Amongst these companies are Sikorsky and Pratt & Whitney, both of whom we are currently working with on some of their new programs.

The staff at Padden Design Engineering is looking forward to attending the airshow and some of the aircraft demonstrations involving programs our company has worked on such as Lockheed Martin’s F-22 Raptor. Padden DE supported Pratt and Whitney’s Radar Signature Discipline Group, Palm Beach Florida, in the development of the aircraft’s advanced thrust-vectoring nozzles. Also on display will be Sikorsky’s X2 Flight Demonstrator illustrating advanced propulsion technologies. Padden DE is in the fore-front of developing state-of-the-art Composite-Metal Hybrid components for propulsion systems and landing gears which have applications on advanced aircraft requiring lightweight and durable high performance components such as Sikorsky’s X2 demonstrator.

More about the Stuart Air Show can be found at and on their official Facebook page.