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Pratt & Whitney Ships Initial PurePower Engines to Airbus

May 20, 2014–Pratt & Whitney delivered its first ship set of engines on schedule to Airbus for the new A320neo aircraft. The successful development program included flight testing of several engine builds to validate the PW1100G-JM engine.

Padden Design Engineering supported the program through a subcontract from Northrop Grumman providing engineering management and detail design of the flight test vehicle engine mount system. The IPT Chief Engineer, Vincent Padden drew upon his past experience in 2007 on the GTF Demo engine mount system and led the engineering team at Northrop Grumman to design, validate and manufacture the multiple sets of hardware on time for Pratt & Whitney. The team at Northrop Grumman completed 3 design reviews, various tolerance studies, finite element analyses and a detailed structural substantiation report. Pratt & Whitney completed several flight test campaigns of the PW1100G, 27,ooo lb geared turbo fan engine aboard its Boeing 747SP flying-test-best aircraft.

Key concepts behind the teams successful program were the IPT’s monitoring of potential clash issues with engine build up lines early on, procurement of safety stock for the machined hand forgings and verification of the NC programming with proof patterns prior to final machining.

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