Innovations in Advanced Components

Padden Design Engineering


Padden Design Engineering, LLC is a developer of innovative technologies and provider of world class engineering services. At our core is a firm commitment to the advancement of state of the art technologies through creative, robust, multi-disciplined engineering. Our innovations have yielded several US and foreign patents; paragons of Padden Design Engineering’s capabilities in developing advanced components primarily for the aerospace industry.


MQ-4C TRITON Power Plant Maintenance Trainer (PPMT)

The MQ-4C Triton PPMT device is part of six trainers to be delivered to Naval Base Ventura County, Point Mugu, California. The PaddenDE team completed the design and development of the Trainer’s aft fuselage assembly (empennage) in June of 2017 and supported the manufacturing and delivery of the first unit to Pax River in January 2018 for final assembly and systems integration.


  • Simulated aircraft empennage structure
  • Use of low cost composite materials (out of autoclave)
  • Reduced number of tools and composite bonding molds
  • Validation of design by FEM analysis
  • Precision fit up to existing aircraft nacelle & fuselage structure
  • First ship set delivered Jan 2018
  • Second ship set fabrication underway Feb 2018



The Embraer E190-E2 gained type certification from all three certifying authorities (ANAC,FAA,EASA) in February of 2018. The team at PaddenDE supported certification through work on the design, validation and testing of the P&W PW1900G engine attachment. Currently the team is supporting the validation of the E195-E2 aircraft for certification.


  • Design complete Mar 2016
  • Development units delivered for flight & ground test
  • Developed innovative test instrumentation
  • E190-E2 engine mount system certification structural testing complete
  • E195-E2 structural substantiation started Jan 2018

A320NEO FTB Mounts


Photo: Courtesy of Pratt & Whitney

Building on the previous work done by Northrop Grumman’s engineering team led by Chief Engineer, Vincent Padden (GTF Demo Program), Padden Design Engineering collaborated on the design/build of the flying test bed engine mounts for Pratt & Whitney’s PW1100G turbo fan engine.  The flight test program supported Airbus’ A320NEO (New Engine Option) family of commercial aircraft.  The scope of work included the design of two versions of engine mount systems with each ship set consisting of multiple assemblies and hundreds of detail parts delivered on schedule.  


  • Achieved Weight Target
  • Completed Block 1 Delivery On-Time January 2012
  • Successful First Test Flight May 2013
  • Completed Block 2 Delivery On-Time Dec. 2013
  • Successful Second Test Flight March 2014


A320NEO Forward Mount
Engine Mount Parts: Whiffle Tree and Shear PinA320NEO Aft Mount

The engine mount systems were installed on Pratt & Whitney’s 747SP flying test bed aircraft and completed several successful flight tests. Pratt & Whitney delivered the first set of engines to Airbus in May 2014.

CH-53K Bleed Ducts


Photo: Courtesy of Sikorsky

Padden Design Engineering (PDE) provided Welding Metallurgy, Inc. (WMI) with engineering and technical support during the multi-year effort to design, build, and qualify the 19 insulated bleed duct components on the Sikorsky CH-53K Super Stallion cargo helicopter for the US Marines. The CH-53K has a composite fuselage which required protection from the thermal effects of critical engine system components.  The PDE engineering team was tasked to complete the design, structural and thermal analysis, M&P engineering, and tool design to validate, build, and qualify the bleed duct components for WMI. 


  • Passed CDR February 2012
  • Completed FAI January 2012
  • Completed delivery of 5 ship sets for flight test vehicles May 2013
  • Qualification Testing Complete April 2014
  • Flight Testing to begin late 2014
  • Navy approves production and deployment phase, April 2017
Bleed Ducts Installed in Flight Test Vehicle. Photo: Courtesy of SikorskyCH-53K Bleed DuctsBleed Ducts Installation. Photo: Courtesy of SikorskyTitanium Duct Assy. w/ End Caps


MAIN-toolingPadden Design Engineering continues to provide aerospace manufacturers with tooling support as has been done for Welding Metallurgy, Inc. On programs such as the CH-53K and F-35, we provided tool design, shop support drawings, and manufacture of various weld fixtures, fuel system lines, and pneumatic bleed ducts. Our team was able to reduce the total number of fixtures required thus cutting the tooling cost significantly. PDE provided durable, functional tooling that exceeded customer expectations.

  • Met condensed schedule requirements
  • Creative low cost tooling approach
  • Deliverables included 20+ drawings & parts lists, 3D Models, and Weld Fixtures consisting of hundreds of detail parts
  • Tooling verified by CMM
CH-53K Weld Fixture Base PlateF-35 Fuel Line Weld FixtureF-35 Fuel Line Weld FixtureCAD View of CH-53K  Weld Fixture Assy.